Posted on: November 22, 2009 10:44 am

Red Sox Off Season Musts!

The Yankees have won the World Series. Great, now what must the Red Sox do to bounce back and compete. Lets break it down by positions. Starting pitching: Beckett, Dice-K, Lester, and Buchholz are your starting four. The 5th needs to be quality without subtracting from the farm system - so they need Lackey to win, I believe they will gamble with Harden and another vet like Wolf/Washburn/etc. They don't want to blow there farm system on Hallayday. Or all there money on Lackey, if Lackey signs with Yankees you should give them the World Series and let the rest of the league a chance to play for the new World Series, Jr trophy. Relief: Let's trade Papelbon now and get something for him. I loved him until his head got bigger than the blimp. Many teams are interested. The Tigers included and a trade of him and a few lesser prospects will appeal to them for M. Cabrera. They want to dump salary. They would need to bring back Wagner to back up Bard as closer. With Wakefield/Ramirez/Delcarmen/Okajima
in bullpen you are solid. Catcher: Varitek is back, but he is not the starter anymore. They will still gain more from him like a player/coach. He will be the catcher for Beckett and one other starter. V-Mart is not the answer, he is a liability on defense. They will let him handle the catching probably 3 games, dh/1B the other They will not do anything huge here, they will wait to see if Mauer becomes a free agent next year. Infield: 2nd - Pedroia. SS - they are going to make a run at Scutaro. He is best available. He looked solid last year. He is decent defender and had great year at plate. 1st/3rd - If they trade for Cabrera, Youk will move to third and Lowell will fill at 3rd/DH. Lowrie can fill be there utility. They have Kotchman as well, but would probably be a trow in for Cabrera. There are talks about A.Gonzelez as well. That would require good prospects and probably Buccholz. Outfield: Ellsbury had a good year and will look to build. Drew is streaky and injury prone. Hermida is not a starter, but could be a good 4th. The big question is will Bay stay. If not they need Holliday. If they do not have Holliday/Bay they will not compete with the Yankees. They proved in the Playoffs they did not have enough hitting. DH: Ortiz is close to empty. he needs to platoon with Lowell/V-Mart. It all sounds good when you write it down. I think ownership knows they need Bay or Holliday and another hitter, and another quality starter. So here we go as free agency started yesterday.
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